SPHE/ Health & Safety: Getting to School Safely Campaign

The Road Safety Authority and the Gardai have come together to help the school to promote pupil safety. We want to highlight the dangers to pupils who walk, cycle or travel to/from school by car and give them the information and skills they need to stay safe. We would like to thank the RSA and the Gardai for their support and we encourage the pupils to wear the high vis vests when walking and cycling to school. Pupils can also wear the jackets if they are exiting a car at the school, just to be extra careful. The carpark can be busy in the mornings and afternoons. We want all our pupils to get to and home from school safely.

As always, you are encouraged to STOP, DROP & GO in the morning. Park a distance from the school and walk to the school if you wish to bring your child to the school gate yourself. Finally, please keep the entrance free by not parking there.