Free School Books Scheme 2024 – 2025

All primary school children will be able to avail of free school books from September 2023. You might have questions about how the Scheme works at St. Nessan’s National School. To this end, we have compiled a Frequently Asked Questions document, which you can access below. You can also check out the flyer from the Department of Education, see lists of textbooks, workbooks, copies and related classroom resources that your child may benefit from in the coming school year, and read our new Free School Books Scheme document, which replaces our Book Rental Policy.


Due to a cut in the grant provided by the Department of Education for the Free School Books Scheme, we will only provide stationery to Junior and Senior Infants for the coming school year. All other pupils will receive a stationery list, both in hard copy and email form which will need to be purchased in time for the new school year. These lists are also available here:

Stationery Lists:

All stationery provided to Junior and Senior Infants will be for use in school only, and will not go home. Therefore, your child in Junior and Senior Infants will need to have access to the following stationery items at home in order to do homework:

How the Free School Books Scheme will benefit your child in the school year 2023/2024

To find out how your child will benefit from the Free School Books Scheme, as well as from other grants and initiatives in place at St. Nessan’s during the coming school year, click on his/her class level below. Please note that these lists are not exhaustive, and your child may benefit from other items not listed.