Online Books

Find below a list of book publishers providing online editions of textbooks and other resources:

  • Edco books: go to and follow instructions.
  • CJ Fallon books: go to and follow instructions.
  • Folens Books: go to Select teacher. Fill in a user name, email and password. For roll number use the code: Prim20
  • Grow in Love: To help teachers, students and parents during this difficult time we are granting free access to Grow In Love. Simply login on the website with the following details:
  • Bua na Cainte: (for Junior Infants to Fourth Class only): Go to Select the file that suits your computer. Select your class level and click on it to begin the download of the file. Once complete, click on the file to install and follow the on screen instructions. A Bua na Cainte icon will appear on your desktop. Once you click on the icon, enter the following details:
    • Login: trial
    • Password: trial