School Information

School Opening

School starts at 9.00am sharp. Pupils will be supervised from 8.45am onwards. Pupils will not be supervised prior to 8.45am.

Classes run from 9.00am to 1.40pm for Junior and Senior Infants and from 9.00am to 2.40pm for all other classes.


Please click here to see the School Calendar.

School Dress Code

The uniform is an essential part of the St. Nessan’s identity. School uniform must be worn during the school day except on P.E. days when the school tracksuit must be worn.

All Classes
Formal Uniform
Infants to 2nd Class
Formal Uniform
Navy Trousers
Blue Shirt
Navy Tie - red/blue stripe
Crested Navy Jumper - red/blue stripe on the 'v'
Navy Pinafore/Trousers
Blue Shirt
Navy Tie - red/blue stripe
Crested Navy Cardigan - red/blue stripe on the 'v'
3rd to 6th Class
Formal Uniform
Boys and Girls:
All Classes
Navy Skirt/Trousers
Blue Shirt
Navy Tie - red/blue stripe on the 'v'
Crested Jumper - red/blue stripe n the 'v'
Crested Navy Top with red trim
Plain Navy Track Ends - no visible logos, no leggings
School Polo Shirt with Crest
Black, brown or navy shoes are to be worn with the uniform.
Runners are to be worn with the tracksuit.
Girls: navy trousers may be worn as an alternative to the pinafore/skirt.
Navy knee length shorts may be worn in warm weather. Shorts must be visible under the jumper/polo shirt. Denim, football and bicycle shorts are not permitted.

Stockists: Specific Crested Items and Ties are exclusive to :

  • Noel’s Menswear – Bedford Row, Limerick

  • Shaws – Crescent Shopping Centre, Limerick

Generic items may be purchased at the above or at a store of your choice.

Your child is responsible for of all his or her own property. Please make sure that your child’s name is clearly marked on all items of uniform (especially jumpers and jackets), lunchboxes, schoolbags, etc.

School Absence

Please see here for more details on what you need to do if your child is absent from school.

Parent Teacher Meetings

If you need to meet with your child’s class teacher you must make an appointment. This can be done by contacting the teacher concerned by note or by ringing the School Office at 061 229911. Teachers cannot leave their classes unattended to talk with parents on the telephone or to meet without an appointment. Formal Parent Teacher Meetings usually take place towards the end of Term One.


St. Nessan’s will not tolerate bullying in any form. Please read our Anti Bullying Policy by clicking here.